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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Welcome to Sexy Art

This site is primarily a vehicle for my own art, most of which depicts the female form.

It will however include both other artists and other subject matter and things as long as I find them ‘sexy’. I’ve heard cloths, cars, fragrances, photographs and even making money described as ‘sexy’. So what is sexy – in this conjecture I’m going to be guided by anything that creates a response that excites either because it is sexy in the traditional sense or because of other factors – skill, beauty, passion etc. which invoke a stimulating visual or emotional re-action.


While I am not totally averse to considering the undertaking of a commission my self- indulgent, self-satisfying, no time line attitude to what, how and when I paint is generally not particularly compatible with such considerations. If however, having studied my work and taken the above statement into account you feel there may be a compatibility with your needs, let’s talk!


The nature of the majority of my work means I am always looking for models to work with. If you are currently an artist’s model or would maybe consider being such and you are local to the South Brisbane or Gold Coast area  please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you with any current needs and we can negotiate! I’m also in touch with a number of life drawing/painting groups within my area I can put you in touch with if of interest.

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